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Advantages of Homeopathic Remedies

When properly used, homeopathic remedies offer the individual a:

  • Non-invasive approach
  • Means of curing the underlying problem
  • Cost effective treatment
  • Quicker recovery period
  • Reduced risk of adverse side effects

No matter what combination of symptoms or chief complaints the individual is sufferering at any given time they are all manifestations of a single "disease" that is unique to that individual. The homeopathic philosophy believes that no one organ of the body can be ill without affecting the person as a whole. All symptoms, therefore, must be analyzied and taken into account since they all represent the body's effort to heal itself. Individuals who present recurrent acute or chronic episodes of an illness are reflecting a "constitutional" weakness. The goal of homeopathy is NOT to treat the symptoms but use them as a guide for the appropriate remedy that will stimulate the person's defense system.

If your symptoms do not respond after trying several different homeopathic remedies you should seek the professional services of a homeopathic practitioner, naturopath, nutritionist or a homeopathic medical doctor or other health care doctor that can address your problem.

Taking natural remedies and organic foods is one insurance policy you don't have to die to reap the benefits!