Case Study #103

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cs103-first-treatment-320x341.jpg first bioptron treatment

Zoey receiving her first Bioptron treatment.

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Cat's eye infection greatly improved with Bioptron System

case report 103

Zoey, pre-treatment (above)
Zoey, after 4 Bioptron treatments (below)
Zoey, after 6 Bioptron treatments (bottom)

case report 103

case report 103

On November 1, 2017 I picked up my two Maine Coon kittens. The female, Zoey had the beginnings of an eye infection in her right eye. I tried several different natural treatments including immune boosters like Immuntol and Vitamin A from beef kidney lipids but nother worked. I recently purchased the Bioptron System and began treating Zoey. After three treatments, the right eye is much improved. Treatment will continue until the infection resolves.

Gerald H. Smith, DDS, DNM