Case Study #120

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Remove the Splinters and Watch the Body Heal

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Fingernail and Skin Lesions

Often patients present skin and nail lesions that defy the dermatologist’s diagnostic skills. This was the case with L.R. who had presented a nail deformity and accompanying lesion adjacent to the nail distortion. Of interest, the patient was diagnosed with a cavitation (infection in the bone where a tooth was previously extracted). In addition, the patient was diagnosed as having heavy metal issues (mercury and arsenic), plus cytomegalovirus, and glyphosate (pesticide Round-Up).

before and after

Use of glyphosate started in the 1970s and has escalated to worldwide use at 3 billion pounds a year; the U.S. uses 300 million pounds a year. Glyphosate is an endocrine disrupter, causes leaky gut, cancer, and much more. Glyphosate, which has been documented to be high in mother’s milk stimulates clostridium in the baby’s intestines, which then produces the botulinum toxin which in turn kills the babies. Furthermore this pesticide disrupts the microbiome or the natural bacteria in our gut.

The key to resolving health issues is to diagnose and remove the “splinters.” L. R. was placed on a regime of food-based supplements to remove the “splinters” and six months later the nail disfigurement and skin lesion disappeared. Of interest was the fact that the patient’s dermatologist told the patient he would have to live with his problem. That there was no solution. Pictures speak louder than words. What do you believe?