Case Study #123

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Dental/Cranial Trauma

Susan: In Her Own Words

Susan was walking her sister’s dog when she accidentally was tripped up by the dog’s feet. Susan hit the cement deck full force on her chin. This event triggered off a two year saga and journey through the medical dental maze. The sever and excruciating facial pain defied all the medical experts. The medical model unfortunately has little knowledge regarding functional anatomy and how the cranial dental mechanism works. As a result, patients are referred from one specialist to another in hope that one will discover the root cause of their pain. Patients soon come to the realization that their expenditure of thousands of dollars and multiple specialists is an act of futility.

After a two year journey down the rabbit hole, Susan was referred to me by one of her recently acquired alternative practitioner. My initial conversation picked up the usual response of skepticism and fear. However after explaining to Susan and her husband the dynamics of the root cause of her pain problem, Susan calmed down and her demeanor dramatically changed.

The comprehensive examination revealed definite cranial bone distortions and a reversed motion of her cranial base. In addition, Susan presented a subluxation (misalignment ) of her pubic symphysis (joint between the two pelvic bones). Sue was shown how to self-correct this misalignment, which she did easily. A comprehensive cranial adjustment was performed and immediately following the procedure, Susan’s two years of pain totally resolved. The video testimonial tells the story better than any written statement.