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Gerald H. Smith, DNM, DDS Dr. Smith's newest
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Remove the Splinters and Watch the Body Heal

"Splinters" Book Review

This is a book written in layman's terms. It's straight-forward, deconstructs the overly complex medical jargon and appeals to common sense...which is probably why it goes over the medical industry's head. And that's kind of the whole point.

Dr. Gerald Smith has been practicing medicine all over the world for over 50 years, and in his book he has outlined numerous case studies of seemingly "miraculous" cures, only he claims that they are anything but. In fact, his cures are almost too simple. His approach is to look for the root cause of each ailment in each individual patient. In contrast to the standard method of care, which treats broad symptoms over root causes, Dr. Smith shows over and over again how acknowledging that every ailment has a root cause (and the body doesn't just randomly attack itself or randomly succumb to germs) is the biggest hurdle that medical practitioners are facing when it comes to helping their patients. At times he goes even further and shows real life examples of doctors having unintentionally done more harm than good, while the true cure was under their noses all along.

This is an eye‑opening book. It challenges the status quo of medical care and backs it up with case after case of simple treatment methods that worked to quickly and "miraculously" cure heart disease, migraines, cancer, infections, chronic pain and so on. Armed with the knowledge that there are other (more) effective treatment methods, patients will be able to have some control over their own health.

Here's hoping the medical industry as a whole will come to understand the role they have played in creating this world of chronic illness, and will then realize the power of simplicity in correcting their errors. Taking a look at Dr. Smith's book would certainly be a start.

Cholesterol Scam Generates one Trillion Dollars a Year
in revenue for Big Pharma!

Hitler's Minister of Propaganda, Joseph Goebbels' was a master at making the masses believe anything the government wanted them to believe. One of his most famous quotes was, "A lie told once is a lie but a lie told a thousand times becomes the truth." The American public has been brainwashed and dumbed down by one of the world's most successful propagandists in history; his concepts have been put into action within the medical industry. A typical example is the across the board statement physicians are telling their patients regarding the cholesterol myth. You have high cholesterol and you should be on a statin drug.

This exact scenario was presented to one of my patients. Fortunately for him he consulted me regarding his elevated cholesterol level. I told my patient sarcastically that statin drugs are wonderful; they only are effective in one out of 100 patients. In addition, by lowering the cholesterol levels your brain cannot repair itself and dementia sets in. Also stains cause type II diabetes, causes congestive heart failure, tears up your liver and kidneys and if that isn't bad enough it destroys muscle tissue, rhabdomyolysis, through out your body. This is why so many patients complain of muscle pain.

A new paper cites nearly 900 studies on the adverse effects of statins, which are a class of drugs widely used to treat high cholesterol. The realistic range for cholesterol is 200 to 250 and not levels below 200. This artificial level was conveniently set by the drug industry to sell more statins. Statin drugs are some of the most unnecessary drugs on the market today. Because their use is based on a misinformed notion that cholesterol is the nemesis of good health in the first place. For starters, some of the possible consequences of taking statins in high doses, or for a lengthy period of time, include:

  • Cognitive loss
  • Neuropathy
  • Anemia
  • Acidosis
  • Frequent fevers
  • Cataracts
  • Sexual dysfunction

Other serious and potentially life threatening side effects include, but are not limited to:

  • An increase in cancer risk
  • Immune system suppression
  • Serious degenerative muscle tissue condition (rhabdomyolysis)
  • Pancreatic dysfunction
  • Hepatic dysfunction. (Due to the potential increase in liver enzymes, patients must be monitored for normal liver function)
  • My patient presented the following blood value comparisons:

    December 2018
    Lipid ProfileValueReference Range
    Cholesterol232below 200 (mg/DL)
    Triglyceride810 - 150 (mg/DL)
    High density lipoprotein49greater than 40 (mg/DL)
    Very Low Density lipoprotein16
    Low density lipoprotein167less than 130 (mg/DL)
    Chol/HDL ratio4.73.0 - 6.5

    Six months later my patients blood test showed normal values. A basic nutritional supplement program was used to normalize his cholesterol.

    June 2019
    Lipid ProfileValueReference Range
    Cholesterol192below 200 (mg/DL)
    Triglyceride810 - 150 (mg/DL)
    High density lipoprotein47greater than 40 (mg/DL)
    Very Low Density lipoprotein16
    Low density lipoprotein129less than 130 (mg/DL)
    Chol/HDL ratio4.13.0 - 6.5

    If you had a choice between taking a potentially toxic drug or taking natural food based supplements, what would you choose?