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"Splinters" Book Review

This is a book written in layman's terms. It's straight-forward, deconstructs the overly complex medical jargon and appeals to common sense...which is probably why it goes over the medical industry's head. And that's kind of the whole point.

Dr. Gerald Smith has been practicing medicine all over the world for over 50 years, and in his book he has outlined numerous case studies of seemingly "miraculous" cures, only he claims that they are anything but. In fact, his cures are almost too simple. His approach is to look for the root cause of each ailment in each individual patient. In contrast to the standard method of care, which treats broad symptoms over root causes, Dr. Smith shows over and over again how acknowledging that every ailment has a root cause (and the body doesn't just randomly attack itself or randomly succumb to germs) is the biggest hurdle that medical practitioners are facing when it comes to helping their patients. At times he goes even further and shows real life examples of doctors having unintentionally done more harm than good, while the true cure was under their noses all along.

This is an eye‑opening book. It challenges the status quo of medical care and backs it up with case after case of simple treatment methods that worked to quickly and "miraculously" cure heart disease, migraines, cancer, infections, chronic pain and so on. Armed with the knowledge that there are other (more) effective treatment methods, patients will be able to have some control over their own health.

Here's hoping the medical industry as a whole will come to understand the role they have played in creating this world of chronic illness, and will then realize the power of simplicity in correcting their errors. Taking a look at Dr. Smith's book would certainly be a start.

Cancer Treatment Breakthrough:
Quantum energy technology can now detect underlying cancer stressors

Carol was referred to my office because she had lung cancer. The oncological surgeon removed the tip of her right lung where the cancer was located. Six months later the cancer appeared in the upper portion of her left lung. Carol rejected the recommended surgery and chemo.

I requested Carol bring in her biopsy slide. Using energetic medicine testing technique, I tested the pathology slide and diagnosed a pesticide, cytomegalovirus, and mercury in the cancerous tissue. Appropriate food based supplements were prescribed. Six months passed and Carol had a scan done on her left lobe of her lung. The pathology report stated the cancer was gone. Interestingly, her oncologist never ask her what she did to resolve her cancer.

Case Update

Of interest was the fact that Carol's blood pressure has been elevated for several months. The source of the increased blood pressure was the intense pain she has been experiencing in the surgical scar over the right lung where the original cancer occurred.

Because Carol was concerned that maybe her cancer came back in her right lung, I recommended that she get a blood test to assess her CA-125 cancer marker. Before her cancer surgery in the early part of 2016, her CA-125 was 44 (normal is below 35). After the surgery it dropped to 26. As of the latest reading February 6, 2020, her CA-125 was 17 well below what is considered normal. Carol continues to take her nutritional supplements to reduce any potential toxicity.

The concept the reader must walk away with is that cancer is NOT a disease but due to hypoxia (low oxygen) and the overlaying “splinters” or initiators must be defined and removed in order to reverse the cancerous tissue. Unfortunately conventional medicine is not aware of this breakthrough technology and when confronted, oncologists are unwilling to learn the truth.

Dr. Gerald H. Smith