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Cyberscan Case Studies

Melanoma Diagnosed by CyberScan — Case Study #1

A 58 year-old female patient was evaluated with the CyberScan System. The patient presented with a multitude of health issues. One of the key findings in the CyberScan Report was the presence of melanoma on the skin. When the patient returned home to Florida she made an appointment with her dermatologist. The physician's thorough examination located the melanoma and surgically removed the lesion. Traditional testing doesn't come close the accuracy and noninvasiveness of the CyberScan System.

CyberScan and Cancer — Case Study #2

A patient with a rare form of lymphoma was referred to my practice 23 months ago. He was given a death sentence by the medical establishment of three months in May of 2014. The patient was evaluated using the Quantum Testing techniques taught in the Residency program. A comprehensive program was established to detox the patient (heavy metals, chemicals, vaccines, pathogens, etc.), dietary modification, pH correction, supplements, attitude adjustment to reduce his fear and CyberScan System were implemented. Twenty-three months later the patient is alive and well and the University of Pennsylvania’s testing showed 100% blood oxygenation, which is unheard of for this type of cancer.

CyberScan's positive effect on Diarrhea and Vomiting — Case Study #3

A three and half year old child was suffering diarrhea and vomiting for two days. After a ten second scan was performed and the CyberScan's sophisticated software, which is based on artificial intelligence developed by the PEAR group (Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research), executed the healing frequencies which were then broadcast to the patient. In just four hours the child was 90% better. No other modality, supplement or anything was given.

Nine months of facial pain resolved with two CyberScan biofeedback sessions — Case Study #4

A 31 year-old female patient presented with generalized facial pain over the left cheekbone area. Clinically the patient presented with multiple deep carious lesions and pulpal involvement of the maxillary left third molar. All involved teeth were restored plus the wisdom tooth was removed. Despite restoration of the teeth, nutritional support, soft laser and Rife therapy the pain pattern persisted for nine months. A CyberScan analysis was performed to uncover the primary stressors. Following the second session, the patient’s pain totally disappeared. The key difference with this modality is that it awakens the body’s immune system to recognize the offending causes and allows the body’s natural defenses to resolve the problem.