Dr. Smith's Student Comments

In Their Own Words

Dr. Paul Moon

Hi Dr. Smith,

Thank God we have you!

You are always a million years ahead in healing compared to conventional treatments.

Can't wait for residency courses in advance techniques in the Theraphi Plasma System and CyberScan.

All your training has saved hundreds of lives in my practice. I mean from death. I use your training every day — from the basic nutritional concepts to scalar technology.

Thanks for making a difference and making me make a difference in these times.


Your Student Always


Dr. Mark Warden
Tennessee, USA

I love the fact that Dr. Smith teaches from a common sense point of view.

I find the simplest answer is usually the right answer, and Dr. Smith has spent his life refining difficult trearment modalities down to the easily-understood, easily-taught concepts.

From my own years of study, I can truthfully say that I am in awe of the incredible amount of information I brought home from his workshops. Dr. Smith is dead on in his diagnostic approach and treatment delivery.

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