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August 2021

Tooth Pain Eludes Conventional Technology — Case Report #171

July 2021

Frequencies: The Universal Healer

Why Mainstream Media Keeps Pushing False COVID 19 Narratives

Covid 19 Coverup plus the New Delta Virus Fear Factor

Covid-19: Facts You Won't Hear on the 11 O'Clock News

June 2021

The Myth of Diseas: A Rational Approach to Cancer

Resolving Seasonal Allergies Without Drugs

May 2021

25+ Nutritional Pearls to Enhance Your Health

Open Form Health-Related Questions and Answers

A Global Perspective on How to Detox and Antidote COVID-19 Inoculations

Adverse Effects of COVID-19 Innoculations

5-part WONM Course: Remove the Splinters and Watch the Body Heal (part of WONM's Health Coach certification program)

April 2021

Restoring and Preventing Dementia (PDF)

COVID-19: The Truth Revealed Everything your doctor didn't tell you about COVID.

Save the Date: Tuesday, May 11th — Integrative Health Coaching Certification Course by WONM World Organization of Natural Medicine

Gut bacteria and mind control: to fix your brain, fix your gut! (Simon Carding video)

Uncommon Headache Causes (PDF)

Resolved: Severe Eczema That Defied Diagnosis by Conventional Medicine— Case Report #170

Systems Affected by Toxic Plants

March 2021

Preventing Strokes and Heart Attacks (Download PDF).

18 Nutrients That Can Help Resolve Chronic Pain {PDF)

SALE, 20% Off through April 30h: Omega 369 Plus (a Tesla Energy LLC product) has quadruple the effectiveness of conventional hemp derived oils. Description and Order Here.

February 2021

Miscellaneous info on Vaccines and Vaccine Adjuvants Download PDF.

Bach Flower Remedies Chart (5‑page PDF)

COVID Information Your Doctor Won't Tell You, highlights of the Kennedy/Dershowitz debate plus additional info.

January 2021

Natural vs. Synthetic Vitamins (PDF)

Neck and Sacroiliac Pain Disappeared Immediately Following ALF Appliance Insertion and Adjustment — Case Report #169

Video/Podcast: What Is About To Unfold Will Be Earth Shattering, Birth Of A New Nation, Checkmate

December 2020

The Cholesterol/Statin Druc Scam (GHSDoc.Live)

November 2020

Four Years of H. Pylori Stomach Pain Resolved in 24 hours — Case Report #168

About Our Clinical Practice (Download PDF)

October 2020

IBS, IBD, Crohn’s or “A-B-C” Disease
Case Report #167

Chronic Pain Eludes Conventional Medicine's Gold Standard of Treatment
Case Report #166

September 2020

Chronic Fatigue Caused by Infected Root Canal Teeth
Case Report #165

Rosacea Caused by Patient’s Earrings
Case Report #164

Post-concussion Symptoms
Case Report #163

See: "No Medical Justification For Emergency Measures" - Open Letter From 100s Of Doctors, Health Pros Urges End To Lockdowns

Dr. Smith's newest Book (PDF)

July 2020

Resolving Chronic Post-Whiplash Headaches and Plantar Fasciitis —Case Report #162

Where Does it Hurt? — a summary of different pain symptoms and solutions.

Updated and Expanded: Nutritional Survival Guide For All Diseases

Resolving Bladder Incontinence
Case Report #161

May 2020

June 25th Live Presentation/Q&A (Watch Video Replay Here) Title: Headaches, Atypical Facial Pain, and Post-Concussion Symptoms: How to define their root cause(s) and resolve them

Nutritional Survival Guide

Post-cancer Treatment's Loss of Quality of Life
Case Report #160

Quantum Nutrition Webinar: view recorded replay at GHSDOC.LIVE

April 2020

Vaccinations: How Big Pharma Covers up the Truth

March 2020

Corona Virus to Cancer — March 26 online Q&A with Dr. Smith

COVID-19 Fall Cabal PARTS 1 - 3

Vertigo: An Uncommon Cause
Case Report #159

February 2020

02/13/2020 Interactive Livestrearm Recording — Dr. Smith discusses and answers questions on his Tesla Energy Card™

7 Ways to protect yourself and your loved ones against the Corona virus

Knee replacement — “Bone on bone”

January 2020

Chronic Fatigue with a Twist
Case Report #157

Three Year Case of Unsolved Eczema
Case Report #156

The Power of Qigong Acupuncture
Case Report #155

How can a dentist who is up to his eyeballs in debt give you an honest diagnosis and treatment? — Case; Report; #154

The Magic of Healing with Frequencies Case Report #153


Quantum Testing approach provides one of the most non-invasive, comprehensive evaluation and treatment protocols available today. A comprehensive 7.5 hour learning experience in the comfort of your home.

Reversing Cancer:
A Journey from Cancer to Cure!

Powerful personal journey reversing a stage III ovarian cancer with minimal side effects using alternative medicine integrated with conventional treatment; describes effective, non-invasive advanced technologies to destroy cancer while preserving the immune system and body integrity.