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Cyberscan — Common Questions Answered

How does the Cyberscan work?

The CyberScan determines your present and past health condition based on the trends that are identified in the current state of the body's immune system. In ten seconds the CyberScan captures the energy field from your body. This system than compares your energy pattern with a database of over 135,000 electromagnetic frequencies. The software then filters out the top two to three percent of the stressors in your body. From this information the Cyberscan imprints 140 signals into a bottle of sterile solution (eeWater). The patient places 15 drops under the tongue 3 times a day. This process stimulates the body's own immune system to correct the underline stressors responsible for ill health.

In addition, to the eeWater therapy the Cyberscan analyzes 580 electromagnetic signals and determines which of the EMFs are adversely affecting you. To counteract exposer to these harmful EMFs the Cyberscan produces an eeCard. The magnetic strip on the eeCard is imprinted with frequencies to counteract the harmful EMFs that your body is exposed to. This card is placed face-up under your mattress by your feet and protects you against EMF exposure while you sleep.

In addition, to the eeWater and eeCard the Cyberscan system broadcasts 24/7 the healing frequencies that stimulate the immune system. This process boosts the effectiveness of the eeWater. The frequencies are composed of scalar waves which travel multiple times faster than the speed of light. The patient's DNA code is attached to the broadcast scalar waves, which only affect the person being treated. This high technology enables patients to be treated anywhere in the world.

Why do I need to be rescanned every two weeks?

The rescanning reveals the remaining stressors responsible for illness. By rescanning the most important stressors are being resolved so that the body can start dealing with the remaining stressors that are causing your health problem.

In the case of cancer patients scanning must be done in person every week to eliminate the primary stressors as fast as possible to allow the cells to return to normal.

Do I have to come into the office for Cyberscan therapy?

The answer is no with one exception. Cancer patients must be seen in person every week in order to resolve their imbalances. Regular patients can send a hair sample from which an analysis can be made.

How do I take a hair sample?

The CyberScan System can provide an in-depth analysis using a hair sample. If some one other than you takes your hair sample it must be done without touching the sample with their skin (contamination of energy fields). Need cotton or Nitrile gloves. Just cut a piece of hair one inch long and minimum of 15 strands. Sample to be placed into a paper envelope. Wrap envelope in aluminum foil and mail in a padded bag to the office.


The initial evaluation for the scan is $375.00. Follow up rescanning costs $225.00 every two weeks for 6 months. In complex cases there may be an extension of treatments beyond the 6 month period. In addition, patients with multiple symptoms may require additional support during therapy. The cost will depend on the number of supplements recommended.

How long will it take to before I experience results?

Most patients start to experience positive changes within 4-6 weeks. The more toxic the person is the longer it will take to experience changes and the longer it will take to resolve the issues. The human body is composed between 80-100 trillion cells. These vast number of cells store toxins like a sponge. Dumping these toxins are the reason why patients feel worse before they get better.

How long has the Cyberscan system been in use?

The Cyberscan was introduced in 1993 in Australia. This technology is very popular in Europe and was introduced into the USA in 2014.

What type of medical problems can the Cyberscan be used for?

The Cyberscan can be used for any type of medical problems.

Are there any contraindication for not using the Cyberscan?

Patients who are undergoing chemo therapy cannot be treated with the Cyberscan and must wait 6 weeks after their last treatment to begin Cyberscan therapy.

Are there any restrictions while using the Cyberscan?

It is strongly advised that no caffeine be taken during the Cyberscan treatment. Caffeine is a drug that stimulates the central nervous system in the brain stem and disrupts the signaling process for healing. It is also advised, not to take homeopathic remedies during Cyberscan treatment because the frequencies in the homeopathic remedy can interfere with the healing frequencies for the eeWater.

Are there any recommendations to enhance Cyberscan therapy?

Healing involves lifestyle changes, it is strongly recommended that patients eliminate sugar, whole grains, stimulant drinks and processed foods. A diet rich in fresh fruits and vegetables enhances the detox and healing process.

Are there any other energy modalities that can be used with the Cyberscan?

The Theraphi System utilizes scalar energy to help repair the DNA demisable pathogens, toxins, heavy metals, vaccines and also stimulates stem cells for repair and rejuvenation. By reducing the burden in the body the immune system becomes more effective in restoring balance.

Do you have any examples of Cyberscan success cases?

  • Melanoma Diagnosed by CyberScan — Case Study #1

    A 58 year-old female patient was evaluated with the CyberScan System. The patient presented with a multitude of health issues. One of the key findings in the CyberScan Report was the presence of melanoma on the skin. When the patient returned home to Florida she made an appointment with her dermatologist. The physician's thorough examination located the melanoma and surgically removed the lesion. Traditional testing doesn't come close the accuracy and noninvasiveness of the CyberScan System.

  • CyberScan and Cancer — Case Study #2

    A patient with a rare form of lymphoma was referred to my practice 23 months ago. He was given a death sentence by the medical establishment of three months in May of 2014. The patient was evaluated using the Quantum Testing techniques taught in the Residency program. A comprehensive program was established to detox the patient (heavy metals, chemicals, vaccines, pathogens, etc.), dietary modification, pH correction, supplements, attitude adjustment to reduce his fear and CyberScan System were implemented. Twenty-three months later the patient is alive and well and the University of Pennsylvania's testing showed 100% blood oxygenation, which is unheard of for this type of cancer.

  • CyberScan's positive effect on Diarrhea and Vomiting — Case Study #3

    A three and half year old child was suffering diarrhea and vomiting for two days. After a ten second scan was performed and the CyberScan's sophisticated software, which is based on artificial intelligence developed by the PEAR group (Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research), executed the healing frequencies which were then broadcast to the patient. In just four hours the child was 90% better. No other modality, supplement or anything was given.

  • Nine months of facial pain resolved with two CyberScan biofeedback sessions — Case Study #4

    A 31 year-old female patient presented with generalized facial pain over the left cheekbone area. Clinically the patient presented with multiple deep carious lesions and pulpal involvement of the maxillary left third molar. All involved teeth were restored plus the wisdom tooth was removed. Despite restoration of the teeth, nutritional support, soft laser and Rife therapy the pain pattern persisted for nine months. A CyberScan analysis was performed to uncover the primary stressors. Following the second session, the patient's pain totally disappeared. The key difference with this modality is that it awakens the body's immune system to recognize the offending causes and allows the body's natural defenses to resolve the problem.

What type of detox symptoms can occur?

Most people minor symptoms which can include headache, flu type symptoms like dizziness, achenes or soreness in the muscle or joints and increase body odor and bad breath. In moderate cases of toxicity, patients may experience itchiness and/or rashes anywhere on the body. In serve cases of toxicity, patients may experience diarrhea and possibly vomiting.

Please visit the link below that includes more information about the Cyberscan.