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atypical face pain

Four year failure of chemo treatment for Lung Cancer greatly improved in 6 weeks

Conventional cancer treatment focuses on "killing" the cancer while an integrated approach focuses on removing the underlying causes (heavy metals [mercury, cadmium, arsenic, aluminum and lead are the most common ones], vaccines, fluoride, pesticides, petrochemicals, xenobiotics, viruses, acid pH, nutritional deficiencies, toxic substances produced from root canal teeth, jawbone and/or tooth infections to name a few). As the body becomes more polluted and too acidic (pH below 6.5), the cells go into a fermentation process producing lactic acid. The interaction of the above factors and an acidic environment, which lowers the oxygen content, creates the conditions which initiates cancer growth. Introducing toxic chemicals like chemo therapy only serves to pollute the cells even more plus suppress the body's own immune system. The choice is yours to make.

migraine headaches

20 Years of Migraine Headaches

Danielle suffered migraine headaches for over 20 years. These head crunching painful episodes would materialize suddenly and also be triggered by alcoholic drinks. Danielle tried just about all of science based medicines without any relief. The patient had a history of several motor vehicle accidents as well as a few concussions. Evaluation revealed several major cranial bone distortions, which were never diagnosed, and several factors involving heavy metal contamination and nutritional deficiencies. Treatment consisted of a cranial adjustment and a nutritional program to restore existing imbalances and detoxification to remove existing contaminants. Progress: Following the first cranial adjustment, Danielle's 20 plus year migraines stopped completely. And to her amazement she did not trigger any migraine headaches with alcoholic beverages during the holiday season. Follow up visits will focus on continued detoxification and rebuilding her immune system with food based organic supplements. Better living through organic supplements and non-invasive therapies.

dental ear connection

Great improvement of Down Syndrome by detoxing
mercury and vaccines

Medicine attributes Down Syndrome and many other abnormalities to genetic defects. A common denominator among genetic defects is the fact that they result from mutations in the genes. The Environmental Working Group spent $500,000 dollars analyzing the blood of ten new born babies at birth by taking blood samples from their placenta. On average they found 287 chemicals in their blood. Do you think the presence of PCBs, Dioxins, Scotch Guard chemicals, pesticides, 212 industrial chemicals and pesticides banned 30+ years ago may be the cause of the genetic defects? The testimonial produced deals with a Down syndrome boy who was diagnosed with Thimerasol in the left side of his brain and tetanus vaccine in the left lobe of his thyroid. Using specific homeopathic remedies and vitamin chelating supplements designed to pull out the ethyl mercury (Thimerasol) and the tetanus vaccine, the child improved dramatically. It is Doctor Smith's opinion that the combination of environmental toxins present within the body plus the injection of toxic childhood vaccines provides the potential cause for genetic defects and weakening the child's immune system. The choice is yours to make.

atypical face pain

1.5 years chronic post-whiplash pain resolved in one visit

Ron suffered pain down the left side of his body plus distortion of vision for 18 months. He tried many different forms of therapy including acupuncture, chiropractic and physical therapy — none of which addressed the underlying cause.

dental ear connection

Dental / Ear Connection

Learn how correcting denture and cranial bone alignment was able to restore 15 years of deafness and 68 years of hip pain in one hour.

positional vertigo

Positional Vertigo

Learn how 15 years of suffering from positional vertigo was cured in two months with non-invasive, natural medicine.

positional vertigo

Whiplash/Face Pain Connection

Learn how simple, non-invasive procedures were able to totally resolve more than a full year's suffering of atypical facial pain from three separate whiplash injuries and failed drug therapy.

positional vertigo

Severe whiplash injuries with accompanying cognitive and physical dysfunctions greatly improved with nutritional therapy and cranial adjusting.

positional vertigo

Chronic Headaches Since Chidhood

Tine O. is a 50 year-old female patient who suffered headaches since childhood. Tine flew in from Texas for a two day visit. The patient's primary issue causing her life long headaches was an imbalance of her skull bones and occlusal (bite) distortion caused by four temporary posterior crowns which was being perpetuated the cranial distortions. Also there was a history of several whiplash injuries coupled with trauma from numerous high diving events. Treatment corrected the cranial occlusal (bite) distortions enabling the patient to awaken the next day for the first time since childhood without a headache.