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Danielle suffered migraine headaches for over 20 years. These head crunching painful episodes would materialize suddenly and also be triggered by alcoholic drinks. Danielle tried just about all of science based medicines without any relief. The patient had a history of several motor vehicle accidents as well as a few concussions. Evaluation revealed several major cranial bone distortions, which were never diagnosed, and several factors involving heavy metal contamination and nutritional deficiencies. Treatment consisted of a cranial adjustment and a nutritional program to restore existing imbalances and detoxification to remove existing contaminants. Progress: Following the first cranial adjustment, Danielle's 20 plus year migraines stopped completely. And to her amazement she did not trigger any migraine headaches with alcoholic beverages during the holiday season. Follow up visits will focus on continued detoxification and rebuilding her immune system with food based organic supplements. Better living through organic supplements and non-invasive therapies.