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Reversing Vaccine-related Seizures
Theraphi Case Study #1

Justin was a normal 5 year-old who was vaccinated with DPT, MMR, and the Menigococcal B vaccine. Five months afterward Justin had:

  • severe migraine headaches
  • 13 to 15 seizures a day
  • paralysis of his right hand and right foot

For nineteen years Justin’s parents tried numerous therapies to help resolve their son’s vaccine damage. Approximately one year ago Justin was brought to my office for evaluation. Using Direct Resonance Testing, it was determined that the measles and mumps vaccines were present in the left side of Justin's brain. Interestingly, when homeopathic nosodes of these two vaccines were used in an attempt to neutralize them, Justin’s seizures severely escalated.

One month prior to Justin’s parents bring him back to my office, Justin was in a coma for ten days. Fortunately he awakened from his non-responsive state and he was able to make the journey.

Justin was exposed to the scalar energy produced by the Theraphi System three times a day for four and a half days. The results were nothing less than miraculous.

Justin’s seizures diminished from 13 per day to one to two per day. He still experiences four to five seizures during the night. The paralysis of his right foot was less and his facial skin became smoother with no blemishes. These incredible results occurred after 19 years of severe disability.

In my opinion, these results bear out the ability of scalar energy to restore damaged cells to there normal function. We look forward to additional treatments in the very near future.

Gerald H. Smith, September, 2016