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A Commonsense Approach to the Mercury Issue

New for 2005 - the Mercury Course is now FREE to the public

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An online course designed to answer the following questions

  1. Is mercury really dangerous?
  2. Is there scientific documentation to support the adverse effects of mercury?
  3. Can mercury affect my health?
  4. How might I be exposed to mercury?
  5. Can mercury fillings be removed safely?
  6. What is involved in choosing a biocompatible replacement material?
  7. Can mercury be chelated out of the body?
  8. What are the symptoms of mercury toxicity?
  9. Are there objective laboratory findings that will document the presence of mercury toxicity?
  10. Is there a treatment protocol for removing mercury?
  11. Are antioxidant vitamins necessary to protect the patient during mercury removal?
  12. Is special equipment needed for the safe removal of mercury?
  13. Are there good references I can read?
  14. Is there an international organization that provides continuing education and support?




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