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University of Alternative Medicine

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  • A Commonsense Approach to the Mercury Issue, and online course.

  • Additional Courses (in preparation)
    • Clinical Nutrition
    • Biological Approach to Root Canals
    • ALF Design Survey(Advanced Lightwire Functionals)
    • PAR Concept Survey(Physiologic Adaptive Range Concept)
    • Troubleshooting ALF Cases
    • Understanding Standard Process vitamins and clinical application

ABOUT the University of Alternative Medicine

A Common Sense Approach to The Mercury Issue is the first in a series of continuing education courses sponsored by the University for Alternative Medicine. A series of courses will be offered to both laypeople and professionals. The areas to be included are in the fields of nutrition (vitamins, minerals, homeopathy, herbs, enzymes) functional orthopedics/orthodontics, TMD, Prosthetics, biocompatibility of dental materials, vibrational medicine and other pertinent topics to help meet the growing public and professional demands for a biologic and physiologic approach to the practice of medicine and dentistry.

Because of time constraints, burdens of travel, and cost of closing one's practice, the electronic forum eliminates these disadvantages and offers the most cost effective means for laypeople, teachers and practitioners to obtain this vital information. In instances where a hands-on workshop is necessary to gain specifc clinical skills, the practitioner will have opportunities to attend live workshops to complete the training process.

The University for Alternative Medicine is proud to be one of the pioneers in this exciting age of electronic education. We invite you to participate in this innovative journey. We believe electronic access to information will speed-up the health care industry's transition into alternative and complementary medicine and dentistry. Our ultimate goal is twofold: (1) increase patient awareness and access to alternative treatments and (2) help health care practitioners obtain the required knowledge and remain in private practice.




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