An important factor that enhances Vertigo treatment is to clean out the body's filter, the liver, before going after the CMV virus. Since the blood of your entire body circulates through your liver every three minutes, die off toxins from killing the CMV virus will recirculate through out your body if your liver is congested with debris. It is a no brainer.


Detoxing Liver / CMV: These nutrients are strongly recommended as an effective protocol for cleaning out your liver and combating cytomegalovirus:

  • Curcumen: (liver needs this vitamin to carry out detoxification) one capsule with each meal
  • Glutathione: (liver needs this vitamin to carry out detoxification) one capsule with each meal.
  • Chaga (mushroom-Superoxide Dismutase): (liver needs this vitamin to carry out detoxification) Two capsules with each meal.
  • PhytoRad: (milk thistle) Ten drops 3x per day - upon awakening, 3:00pm and before bedtime. (liver needs this vitamin to rebuild itself)
  • Max B ND: (liver needs this vitamin to carry out detoxification) 160 drops per day.
  • GastroCalm (digestive enzymes): (aids digestion) One capsule with each meal.
  • Core Cat's Claw): 18 drops, 2x per day (waking and bedtime).

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CMV (cytomegalovirus): a common,
often overlooked, cause of VERTIGO

By Gerald H. Smith, DDS, DNM

Vertigo is one of the most debilitating conditions affecting humankind. As with most medical afflictions there are many potential causes and vertigo is no exception. In my clinical experience many vertigo cases result from the presence of cytomegalovirus (CMV) in the middle or inner ear.

An unsuspecting source for inner ear infections are root canal teeth or third molar (wisdom teeth) extraction sites. A root canal represents an embalmed organ which when kept in the mouth creates a constant source for inflammation [1]. With inflammation comes an influx of pathogens to dispose of the debris. Clinically there is one type of virus that is very prevelant in root canal infections which can migrate into the inner ear causing vertigo.

This situation is referred to as an Occult infection, which is a hidden infection first recognized by secondary manifestations. The primary infection is located with in the dead tooth (dentinal tubules) or in the bone where the wisdom teeth were removed. The CMV virus then migrates to the middle or inner ear. Although the symptoms are located in the ear, the source of the infection is the tooth. If the infection in the root canal tooth or in the bone (cavitation) where the wisdom tooth was removed is not resolved, it is virtually impossible to cure the vertigo. Also key is the fact that the CMV will often not show up in any blood test (approximately 70% of the population possesses antibodies to CMV) and the patient may not have any overt symptoms like fatigue, swollen glands, fever or sore throat. One should seek out a biological dentist who has familiarity with the toxicity of root canal teeth and bone cavitations.


Since antibiotics are NOT effective against viruses, patients should refuse such treatment. Inappropriate use of antibiotics helps create resistant strains of bacteria based diseases that will not respond to antibiotic medications when needed. Key to effective treatment is the use of herbs like Cat's Claw (Spanish name is Uña de Gato). The source of the herb is the Amazon rainforest.

Another effective treatment is Rife frequencies. Unfortunately unless you know someone who has a Rife frequency unit or you are prepared to purchase one, obtaining therapy with such technology from a professional practitioner is almost impossible. The reason is because this technology is extremely effective, the FDA will confiscate Rife equipment used by healthcare practitioners. Some patients do purchase Rife devices for personal use. (For information on how to purchase a Rife frequency unit and pricing, contact ICNR at 1-800-272-2323.)

Other natural substances that may be effective are: ionic silver (10 ppm), noni, probiotics, colostrum, oregano oil (100% pure) and vitamin C (natural food based sources like green buckwheat or the Camu-Camu fruit from South America, not the synthetic form which is listed as 'ascorbic acid,' on ingedient labels).

I have assembled a protocol of 7 supplements of superior quality that have been proven effective for cleaning out the liver and combatting CMV for many patients. One must acknowledge that not all herbal or vitamin formulas are created equal. There are different grades of the raw material sold to vitamin manufacturers. It's important that the product you purchase or the one used by your practitioner is of high quality (grade 10 is the highest available). Sub standard products will not bring the results you are seeking. This 7-supplement kit is one we recommend and use for our own patients.

If the presence of CMV within the root canal tooth is unable to be resolved through liver detox, nutritional support and/or frequencies, the tooth should be extracted. [1] The extraction process must be done meticulously. After removal of the tooth, the periodontal membranes must be scraped out of the extraction socket. Also any soft bone and granulation tissue (tissue that cannot heal due to the chronic infection) must be removed. The extraction site must be irrigated with ozone, homeopathics and ionic silver (10 ppm) to insure destroying any remaining presence of the CMV virus. Also of extreme importance is that primary closure (gum tissue brought together by means of sutures) of the wound occur to prevent further contamination of the extraction socket during the healing process. An alternative method would be to saturate a product Gel Foam (self resorbing sponge) with tested homeopathics like specific remedies by Sanum (Pleo Latensin [weak immune system], Pleo Quentakehl [viral issues], Pleo Recarcin [immune modulator]), which is then placed in the extraction socket and then sutured in to prevent dislodgment while the area heals. Leaving an extraction site open to the mouth environment allows food debris, bacteria, viruses and any other substances to enter the bone. Unfortunately the contaminated bone surrounding the extraction site remains a reservoir of infection for the rest of the patient's life. The danger of this chronic state of infection is that the toxic wastes produced by the pathogens (viruses, bacteria, fungi, etc.) and decomposition of the food debris drain via the lymphatic system (sewage system of the body) into the thyroid, thymus and rest of the body.

The thyroid is a major gland, which is very important to your immune system. An under active thyroid known as hypothyroidism prevents the body's immune system from effectively fighting off infections. Also of great importance is the fact the most under active thyroids are not diagnosed by blood tests. Blood tests are not sensitive enough to pick up the dysfunction. Accurate diagnosis is best determined by a low under arm temperature (below 97.8 F), low pulse (below 85 unless you are an athlete) and symptoms: cold hands and feet, depression, anxiety, panic attacks, acne, allergies, insomnia, weight gain, fatigue, brittle nails, palpations of the heart, infertility, thinning of the hair, constipation, mental fog, dizziness, digestion issues to name a few. [2]

Note: Remember wellness is a full time job. For continued good health, one must stop eating processed food. Stop microwave cooking. Stop eating white bread, white sugar and white rice. Stop drinking soda (high in phosphorous: pH 2.6 very acidic - enhances growth of viruses, fungi and harmful bacteria). MUST start eating real foods: raw or slightly steamed vegetables, seaweeds (nori, kombu, dulse, etc.). Drink raw juices: carrot, beets, celery, kale, collard greens, dandelion greens, cilantro, Granny Smith apples. If time is of the essence one can take a teaspoon of Pure Synergy in a glass of water or juice. Pure Synergy has 60 different herbs, grasses, mushrooms that are wild crafted or organically grown. (See: Pure Synergy: The Superfood That Heals) These raw enzymes and live nutrients boost the immune system give you more energy and calm down your nervous system. The liver produces 80% of the body's cholesterol. The cholesterol is needed to dissolve the toxins pulled out of the blood by the liver cells. If your blood test shows high cholesterol it's because your body needs it to meet what ever emergency it is dealing with. Suppressing cholesterol with statin drugs is suicide.

Cytomegalovirus in the middle or inner ear is but one cause (albeit a very common cause) for vertigo. Our continuing series will cover many other causes some of which are common and not so common. Some of these causes are:

Cranial distortions: The temporal bones are two of the 28 bones in the human skull and house the semi-circular canals, which orient one 3-dimensionally in space. Whiplash type injuries, falls, blows to the head, dental procedures such as orthodontic braces, extraction of teeth, restoring a filling, and rough chiropractic adjustments can all potentially distort the temporal bones.

Intestinal toxemia: Intestinal obstruction from a tumor can cause constipation. Constipation can also be caused by a lack of fiber in the diet, high consumption of protein such as red meat, chicken, pork, etc., lack of natural B-complex vitamins, and a low functioning thyroid. When protein lingers in the intestinal tract too long, putrificative bacteria dominate the digestive tract and release toxic substances like indole, skatole, phenol, ammonia, and hydrogen sulfide. These poisons circulate through the blood and into the brain and can cause vertigo.

Food poisoning: The toxic products produced by salmonella, Clostridium perfringens, Campylobacter, E. coli, Giardia lamblia, and others can cause the sensation of spinning. Even though the main symptoms of food poisoning may subside the pathogen population may linger for months.

Meniere's disease: This is an inner ear disorder thought to be caused by a buildup of fluid, which creates pressure in the parts of your inner ear that control balance.

Vestibular neuritis or labyrinthitis: This is an inner ear problem usually related to infection (usually viral). The infection causes inflammation in the inner ear around nerves that are important for helping the body sense balance.

Subluxation of the upper four cervical vertebrae: When vertebrae get out of alignment they become subluxated. Anatomically the vertebral joints have proprioceptive nerves which feed back to the nervous system's positional relationships. Abnormal alignment of the upper four cervical or neck vertebrae can contribute to vertigo.

Your journey to resolve your vertigo may take you down many paths. By working with a competent physician, dentist, chiropractor, osteopath or naturopathic physician you can quickly narrow down the mostly likely causes and restore your sense of well-being.

To learn more about how dentistry can impact your health, the DVD video, Dental Whole Body Connection is a good introduction. You can purchase the DVD here. Also, you can read more than 70 case study summaries on our website to learn more about dentistry's impact on your health: go to ICNR Case Studies.

  1. A good reference book on this subject is Root Canal Cover-Up by George Meinig. The scientific documentation and implications presented by Dr. Meinig are staggering, in terms of human suffering and public health. In addition, an open-minded physician is also essential.
  2. An excellent book on the thyroid is Hypothyroidism Type 2 by Mark Starr, MD.